Page 2 - An Introduction to Spirituality
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              The objective of our life is to form a contact with God
           and the process through which we unite is called the spiri-
           tual process.

              Spirituality should not be misunderstood. Many of us
           do not know that there is a difference between Religion
           and Spirituality and it is essential to realise the difference.
           All of us have grown up with one religion or the other.
           Religion  has  no  doubt  established  God  in  our  lives.  We
           have become aware of God through our parents and have
           accompanied them to temples, mosques and churches as
           the case may be. Religion was never started by the original
           saint; it was turned into religion by the disciples later on
           and then as time passed the message, which was originally
           spiritual, got lost and we got involved in the surface part
           of religion which is as it stands today — full of rites and
           rituals without much substance. However, religion has
           played a role but the time has come to go beyond religion
           and reach the Spirit. Religion, as Sri Aurobindo says, is like
           a scaffolding which is used to construct a building and dis-
           carded once the building is completed. The time of religion
           is gone and we have to go beyond it.

           What is spirituality? Spirituality is related to the Spirit,
           what we call the soul. Each one has a soul which is the
           spark of God in all of us. In other words, the individual
           soul is a part of the Universal Soul. Who is God? God is
           not a person who sits on a throne somewhere in the skies.
           He is Absolute and total Perfection, a Perfect Force which

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