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hundreds of mantras of Lord Ganesha. As soon as  you
           start chanting that mantra either loudly or silently it imme-
           diately links you with the consciousness of Ganesha, the
           remover of all difficulties. Mantra must be repeated slowly
           and consciously so that it vibrates in your being.
              For those of us who are dedicated to the Mother the
           most powerful mantra is : Om Anandamayi, Chaitanya-
           mayi, Satyamayi Parame.

           Remembrance or smaran creates a direct link with the
           Divine. Mother told us that when you remember God be
           sure that He remembers you. This creates a lasting rela-
           tionship of love and protection between man and God.

           The advice that the Mother gives us all :

           'In all pursuits, intellectual or active,  your one motto
           should be, "Remember and Offer." Let whatever you do be
           done as an offering to the Divine. And this too will be an
           excellent discipline for you; it will prevent you from doing
           many foolish and useless things.'

            It is spirituality when you begin to become aware of
                another consciousness than the ego
                and begin to live in it or under its influence
                more and more.
            It is that consciousness
                wide, infinite, self-existent, pure of ego etc., which
                is called Spirit (Self, Brahman, Divine)...
                                                Sri Aurobindo

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