Page 5 - An Introduction to Spirituality
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stages two things should be done. First we should always
           try and remember the Mother or whoever  your God is -
           Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha, Christ etc. Visualise the Mother in
           your heart and remember Her. Remembrance is easier than
           meditation. Secondly, take a concentrated attitude for a
           few minutes  calling the  Mother's presence  daily.  These
           two practices will definitely quieten the mind and pave the
           way for a concentrated meditation.

              One can remember the Mother while carrying out the
           natural activities like eating, sleeping, walking, bathing etc.
           If, along with remembering the Mother, we offer our actions
           to Her every activity becomes spiritual. In Sri Aurobindo's
           yoga it is not necessary to go to temples to unite with
           God. It can be done here and now through the activities of
           life provided the attitude is right and the aspiration is strong.
              Secondly, be careful about what  you read because
           when one reads one comes into contact with the con-
           sciousness of the writer. It is, therefore, necessary to read
           beautiful, uplifting books especially when one is going to
           sleep as the vibration continues throughout the night.
              Coming to the emotional level we come into contact
           with contrary emotions and opposites which we find dif-
           ficult to control. We are a mixed bag and our emotions
           also are mixed. The heart must be channelised in the right
           direction which is devotion to the Mother or whoever your
           deity is. A conscious effort should be made to love God
           through devotion and bhakti. If one cannot control one's
           emotions one must offer them to God and seek His help

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