Page 3 - An Introduction to Spirituality
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permeates this world and guides its destiny.

              The question, therefore, arises is that if God is total
           perfection and He resides within us then why are we not
           perfect. The reason is that we are not even aware of our
           soul. Our involvement today is more with the surface life
           which is governed by three levels of consciousness — the
           mental, emotional and the physical. We have a mind which
           observes, thinks, analyses, remembers and is the best in-
           strument available to us today on which we rely heavily.
           Secondly, we live on an emotional level and it is through
           the heart that we feel emotions such as love, hate, envy
           etc. Lastly, there is the physical consciousness which gov-
           erns the body. To most of us the body is perhaps the most
           important thing. This is something which all our five senses
           are aware of — touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing. We are
           so involved in these three levels that we are completely
           unaware most of the time of our soul which lives within us
           and is not reachable by the five senses. Because we are not
           aware of the Spirit within we are cut off from perfection
           and that is why our lives are so imperfect. It is because
           of this reason that since time immemorial effort is being
           made to find our soul, unite with it, so that our lives can
           become perfect.

              Living at these levels of consciousness we find that
           our lives are full of friction and struggle. There is no peace
           in any relationship - individual, community or nations. The
           reason is that the mind, the emotional being and the body
           are  not  in  harmony  with  each  other.  Mind  pulls  in  one
           direction, the heart in another and the body has its own

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