Page 7 - An Introduction to Spirituality
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ly important to avoid doing those things which harm the
           body such as smoking, consuming alcohol etc. Sometimes
           habits die hard; but if our aspiration is strong and we offer
           the problem to the Mother sincerely it is possible to get rid
           of bad habits. One should not give up the effort.

              A question arises as to why should we have to call God
           as He is omniscient and omnipresent. Here we must under-
           stand that calling is a part of the relationship between God
           and the human being. Even Draupadi, who was so close to
           Krishna, had to call Him before He appeared and protected

              There is a misconception that spirituality is for the old.
           Spiritual life has nothing to do with age and the sooner we
           start the better it is. Life is like a slate where one writes all
           accounts of experiences, most of them of not much value.
           By the time we are old the slate is full and when we realize
           that what we have written on the slate is not of any value
           it is too late and most of the balance period one wastes in
           rubbing off the slate. Therefore, start now and write the
           correct thing on your slate.
              A couple of things more . One must understand the
           importance of prayer. Prayer is not a crutch. Prayer is a
           movement of surrender. A prayer is like the physical ex-
           pression of 's1sht1ng' when you bow before God in sup-
           plication. So pray as much as you can. It is a most powerful
           way of connecting yourself to God.

              Similarly mantra. A repetition of the mantra links you
           to the deity to whom the mantra is dedicated. There are

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