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               ➢  PEDAGOGY

                     One of the first attempt to engage them was through a music session. The session was
               facilitated by Ms. Buvaneswari and Mr. Bharath from Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry, and

               Sri Vidhya from Swami Vivekananda Community College, Pondicherry.

                     As music has the power to transcend words and connect people, the facilitators tried to

               provide a creative space for people to move through trauma and bitter experiences. Prisoners
               subjected to solitary confinement rarely have any access or scope of establishing any sort of

               association with the outside world. Therefore, by means of such sessions in the prison, we aim

               to establish connection with the inmates from every socio-economic level and race by entering
               their world through music. This will lead them not only towards reformation but will also

               reintegrate them to society.

               ➢  CASE STUDY

               22 inmates were present during the session out of which one of them was a lady prisoner.

                Few of the inmates that really came out and got involved during the session were Ambrose,

               Prem, Shankar. They mentioned how comfortable and safe they felt in the space.

                     •  Ambrose mentioned that it was the first time he felt a creative energy in the jail. Being
                         an artistic person, he always felt the lack of motivation to do anything related to art.

                         He  expressed his gratitude to the facilitators and his inmates for inspiring him to take
                         an action towards his long-lost desire to create art.

                     •  Prem expressed how he was able to feel an emotional connection for the first time

                         within the four walls of the prison. He broke down several time while sharing how
                         deeply moved he was because of the level of acceptance he felt during the entire


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