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                     The entire session was a breakthrough moment for the prisoners as each of them came

               out to express themselves freely and at that point none of them was bound by the chains of
               confinement and isolation. The session was centered on the idea that motion and emotion are

               interconnected.  The  creative  expression  of  dance  helped  bolster  emotional  expression  and
               inspired connection among the prisoners and along with that helped establish trust and faith

               within  them  to  continue  and  work  upon  themselves  to  lead  a  reformed  life.  Many  of  the

               prisoners came out to show their gratitude towards Ms. Alokananda and the entire team of Sri
               Aurobindo society for accepting them and giving them the space to express themselves through

               the means of dance and music. After 15 minutes of being in the session, the spiritual divine
               presence was felt in the entire room.

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