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                   •  Nazeer,  an  inmate  who  never  spoke  a  word  since  the  time  he  came  inside  the  jail

                       expressed his thoughts and feelings for the first time. He made a black and white picture
                       of a boat and a tree without leaves. He shared that he felt like that tree because his life

                       had become barren like the tree inside the jail. He also mentioned how he felt relieved

                       after sharing and speaking about something that he has suppressed for so long.
                   •  Valli, a lady prisoner, made a picture of a mother and child. She shared her feelings of

                       longing for his son who is 5 years old and how difficult it was for her to spend time

                       away from her son. She also expressed that putting her feeling out on a paper and add
                       value to her experience.

                   •  Shakti expressed how he felt validated for his story. He said that he felt heard and seen
                       and more than that he felt like an ordinary human being, someone who is deserving of

                       happiness and love just like any other individual.

               ➢  OUTCOME

                     Human beings are relational beings. The need for connection lies at the very foundation

               of our existence. It results from the profound interdependence we all share with one another.

                     Giving them a voice, a new label, a sense of self through such sessions, would help them
               to rise above the quagmire they have found themselves. And art can help that happen. Bringing

               art therapy inside the walls is an act of social justice. Such sessions will be regularly conducted

               in order to maintain the consistency and the involvement of the inmates.

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