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Beyond happy and proud to be working with and teaching the inmates of the Puducherry

               Central Prison as part of the 150th Birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo and Azadi ka
               Amrit Mahotsav. Bringing art to the inmates in various forms has been the best thing ever, and

               the  validation  and  comfort  they  find  in  it  has  been  nothing  short  of  incredible.  Everyone

               deserves Second chance , and art is such a powerful tool to heal, discipline and reform even the
               most incorrigible and difficult people in society. These beautiful murals done by inmates are

               Gond Art.

                     Tribal art remains one of the most inclusive, fluid and vibrant forms. Symbols and motifs

               inspired by nature and our interactions with the environment are primary to indigenous art

               forms. We specifically chose tribal art because it is representative, allows creative freedom and
               reiterates the fact that imperfections can become a thing of beauty. Art belongs everywhere,

               and everyone deserves Second chances.

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