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               ➢  PEDAGOGY

                     Most incarcerated people have a history of complex, interpersonal trauma. This trauma
               is at the root of action that leads to harm and self-harm. It must be addressed if we are serious

               about our rehabilitation.

                     The  yoga  classes  are  conducted  every  day  at  4:30  am  in  the  jail.  The  yoga  trainer

               Neelkanth is appointed by the Sri Aurobindo society for helping the prisoners to maintain a
               healthy mindset. The main objective of conducting yoga sessions every day is to reduce the

               physical,  mental,  and  emotional  impacts  and  healthcare  costs  associated  with  stress  and

               unresolved  trauma.  In  addition,  to  help  the  prisoners  develop  self-awareness,  self-worth,
               empathy, and compassion that leads to positive personal and pro-social choices

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