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                     The first Art therapy session conducted within the four walls of Pondicherry Prison was

               in itself a profound experience not just for the inmates but for the facilitators too. The outcome
               of the session left everyone present there in awe of the healing power of Art. The intention

               behind conducting an art therapy session was to engage the inmates who were always in a shell
               and inexpressive during all the activities.

                     10 prisoners were handpicked with the purpose of providing each of them a safe space.

               The opportunity of expressing themselves through the medium of art helped them to view
               themselves from a different and new perspective. No particular activity was planned for the

               first session, rather they were given the space to express themselves freely. They associated it
               with  expressiveness,  sensitivity,  creativity—in  sum,  traits  that  seem  antithetical  to  those

               assigned to prisoners.

                     At the end the session,  each one of them was  given a  feedback  form  which had 10
               questions and each of them expressed how greatly this session helped them to emotionally

               express themselves and allowed them to be present in the moment.

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