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               ➢  PEDAGOGY

                     The dance therapy was facilitated by Ms. Alokananda Roy who is an internationally
               acclaimed exponent of Indian classical dance and a reformer. Her work involves reforms for

               jail inmates, especially for convicts and under trials through her art and love therapy.

                     Her approach has provided a passageway for new life to hardened criminals and earned

               recognition across borders of the country and in faraway lands where her work has been used
               as a template for reformation. Ms. Alokananda Roy did not follow any fixed module, plan with

               the inmates initially. Each individual inmate is different   & require an ‘individualized’ method

               of dealing, rather than following  a generalized  trend.

                     She introduced dance to the inmates so that inmates can enjoy their body, mind and soul.

               It is necessary to utilize their time and ‘raw’ energy. She channelized their raw energy through
               the rhythm of music and dance. She believed that dance help inmates to harmonize with their

               own selves.

                     Dance therapy has helped to inculcate a sense of discipline among the prisoners. This
               music and dance therapy have brought about unimaginable psychological and physiological

               upliftment of prisoners.

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