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                     ART’s  purpose  is  to  engage  participation.  It  activates,  stimulates,  educates,  agitates,
               delights,  promotes,  prevents,  provides  options,  intervenes,  inspires,  transforms,  crosses

               cultures, honours traditions, unites, entertains, and heals in safe, accessible, and relevant ways.

               Art becomes the great equalizer, humanizing those that have been previously dehumanized.
               Only  when  someone  creates  are  they  recognized  as  being  alive.  Art  breaches  the  walls,

               providing a message to those outside.

                     Specifically,  art  therapy  allows  the  inmate  to  express  him  or  herself  in  a  manner

               acceptable to both inside the prison and the outside culture. By including Art as therapy in the

               model prison project, we hope to evoke humanity in most people not just inside the prison but
               on the outside too.

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